Fraxel Laser Treatment

In this new and promising year 2021 its time to take your skincare regime to the next level.

No more wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, or sun-damaged skin! Life is too short not to enjoy and flaunt your beautiful skin
Your fabulous skin is a Fraxel Laser Skin rejuvenation therapy appointment away! Fraxel Laser therapy has the power to perform miracles and transform your skin from damaged skin to glowing skin. This treatment works by using Erbium-YAG laser energy to create tiny columns of thermal channels in the skin that stimulate the growth of new, healthy skin cells and collagen to replace old damaged structures. In a nutshell, it boosts your skin’s regeneration and rejuvenation processes by accelerating your body’s natural healing process.

fraxel laser treatment1
fraxel laser treatment2
  • Dr. Stasch recommends that before the treatment, ensure you don’t have any extensive breakouts, open wounds, infections, or sunburn on the face
  • You will receive a skin analysis review and a recommendation as to how many sessions will be necessary. Usually, we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions for optimal results, leaving at least 6 weeks in-between treatments.
  • On the actual day of the last therapy session, will make sure you are pain-free – the numbing cream needs 30-40 minutes on your skin, and the laser procedure will take about 20-30 min.
  • After treatment, your skin will be red, peeling, and scaly for about 3 – 4 days

Dr. Stasch and his MediSpa team will then send you home with the following high-quality products for optimal aftercare:

  • Lamelle – Dermaheal Foaming Facial Cleanser that you’ll us twice daily.
  • Vitamin C. This you’ll use daily.
  • Helase sunscreen SPF50. To be used every morning of your recovery period.
  • Lamelle Renewal Cream or Rescue Repair Gel to keep your face moisturized during the day

Interested in a Fraxel Laser Skin rejuvenation treatment? Call us on 0725 045 705 or 0714 144 000 to book your appointment. Alternatively, you can email us to book your appointment.


Your happy Vitality Fountain Clinic and Source MediSpa team

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