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Dr. Stasch Clinic

Dr. Stasch Clinic is Kenya’s first purpose-built Clinic for Plastic Surgery, Skin Health, Dermatology, Cosmetic and Regenerative Medicine and Hand Surgery.

We offer the latest and most in-demand medical and cosmetic treatments in an environment that combines discretion and confidentiality with welcoming and stylish surroundings. We understand that choosing plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments is a very personal decision – so if you seek convenience, comfort, discretion and exceptional results, we are YOUR Clinic in Nairobi.

Dr. Stasch Clinic & MediSpa is a Level 3 Medical Clinic registered with the KMPDB under Registration number 015833. All treatments will begin with a private consultation with our Specialist Consultant Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist in Nairobi. We will go to great lengths to listen to your concerns, find solutions and discuss the possible treatment options with you. All therapies take place in our modern, purpose-built Clinic that includes a Day Surgery procedure room, Consulting and Treatment rooms, a bespoke MediSpa, and for your absolute privacy, separate waiting areas. Surgical operations are conducted at the University Hospital.

Our Specialist Consultants are highly skilled practitioners with an international background of lecturing to other practitioners, presenting ground breaking research results at international meetings and conferences, as well as being at the forefront of the latest techniques and technologies in Plastic Surgery through regular attendance of courses and seminars.

Dr. Tilman Stasch, Specialist for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery in Nairobi, Kenya, and his entire Team welcome you warmly.

Meet Our Team

Why The Source MediSpa


We put ourselves in your position and work to understand your problem before prescribing a solution.


Our staff is highly trained and works to maintain top professional standards.


We are passionate about the work we do and the results we deliver.


We are dedicated to the work we do. Always giving our all to making sure that you, the client, are happy with the results.


Our drive for excellence makes sure that we are always doing our best work.


We work in a positive, happy environment. Making sure every moment you spend with us is filled with joy.

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What Dr. Stasch's Clients Say

Akinyi Rosem
Akinyi Rosem
2 July 2024
Best surgeon in Africa.
James Savage
James Savage
27 June 2024
Absolutely amazing service.
nassim majidi
nassim majidi
20 June 2024
Thank you for all the follow-up and responsiveness. The team was available after the treatment to make sure we got the results we wanted. A big thank you to Dr. Stasch and his team!
Osca Patric Ojal
Osca Patric Ojal
30 April 2024
An Incredible clinic offering unmatched cosmetic and dermatology services.
Solsar Investments
Solsar Investments
29 April 2024
Super Dr Stasch and fabulous Working Staffs
Abdullahi Ogello
Abdullahi Ogello
23 April 2024
Excellent work done by experienced receptionist Pendo and Sakina.
Steve Kamau
Steve Kamau
11 April 2024
I wholeheartedly endorse Dr Stasch. His expertise, along with the dedication of every clinic staff member—from the welcoming receptionists and skilled nurses to the physiotherapist I interacted with—earns my deepest gratitude. Their professionalism, warmth, exceptional bedside manner, and sense of humor made a significant difference. Each one of you stands out in the medical aesthetics field in Kenya. After exploring several options, i'm happy to have chosen your services as the best decision. This memorable experience with Dr. Tilman and the wonderful team of ladies will always hold a special place in my heart.
Foda Michael
Foda Michael
27 March 2024
It was relaxing and rewarding. My face feels so much better after the hydrafacial.
Idil Jama
Idil Jama
27 March 2024
I really love this clinic! Dr.Stasch is such an amazing doctor and is very skilled at what he does. He also takes his time to listen to your concerns and gives you his honest feedback which turned out great! I highly recommend him. 10/10.

Meet Dr. Tilman Stasch

Dr. Tilman Stasch MBChB, MRCS (Ed.), MD, F EBOPRAS is an internationally Board qualified Aesthetic, Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon in Kenya with over 15 years of international training and experience in this field. He grew up in Stuttgart, Germany and Windhoek, Namibia.

He is a passionate plastic surgeon paying the utmost attention to detail and a natural outcome. Being sensitive to his patient’s needs and desires, he will help you attain your ideal look with state-of-the-art plastic surgery techniques, creating balance and restoring your features to make you feel great about yourself.

As an ISAPS certified surgeon Dr Stasch has been through a rigorous evaluation process to become a member of this elite group of aesthetic surgeons.

Read more why it is so important to choose an ISAPS Surgeon for your Plastic Surgery operation here.

Dr. Tilman Stasch
Dr. Tilman Stasch
Fall In Love Again - With Yourself

world-class medical & cosmetic treatments

Dr. Stasch Clinic aims to be your centre of excellence for your Aesthetic & Cosmetic needs in Nairobi. Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery is just one discipline for rejuvenating your body & soul.

We go beyond the invasive therapies by also offering minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments that can be found in any major City in the World. Cosmetic and Clinical Dermatology for You aims to personalise treatment plans to help uncover the best skin you can have.

Our Procedures

Plastic Surgery is much more than what people refer to as “Beauty Surgery” or “Cosmetic Surgery”. Etymologically, the adjective “plastic” in Plastic Surgery stands for “sculpting, modelling or moulding” and derives from the Greek word plasticos. The speciality of Plastic Surgery consists of four main components:

  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (also called “Cosmetic Surgery”) refers to changing a patient´s appearance by choice to enhance, rejuvenate or restore beauty.
  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery which is all about restoring appearance and function to the human body after illness or accident, patients born with deformities like cleft lip and palate, or wounds.
  • Hand Surgery which deals with all conditions affecting the soft tissues and bones of the hand and fingers.
  • Burn Surgery is where patients receive surgical help either during the acute stage of the injury, or later, when deformities and scars/keloids caused by burn wounds need to be reconstructed.

All four fields of Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Burn Reconstruction Surgery) form part of the surgical expertise of our highly qualified and certified specialist in plastic surgery – Dr Tilman Stasch.

We also offer services in Dermatology (Mole mapping, advanced skin care, skin cancer therapy, mole removal), Aesthetic Medicine (Botox, Fillers, PRP, Microneedling etc ), Regenerative Medicine (IV Vitamin Drips, mesenchymal stem cells), and Specialist Wound Care.

You are considering Plastic Surgery – now there are some important factors that you want to consider while choosing the right Plastic Surgeon. Since not every physician or surgeon is qualified or experienced in every procedure that a highly qualified Plastic Surgeon will offer, finding the right fit for you is necessary for your safety and satisfaction.

You will have heard from friends or relatives about who the best Plastic Surgeon is in town – which will lead you to search in the internet, which is always a good place to start. Now you need to carefully evaluate the surgeon before settling for one or two choices with whom you might want to have a consultation:

  • You need to look for a Plastic Surgeon who is board-certified in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery – this means he or she needs to have successfully completed a 4 or 6 year residency in this Specialty.
  • Ensure the facility is accredited with the medical board meeting all the standards to do with equipment, safety, hygiene, regulations and staffing.
  • You should be able to relate and feel comfortable with your surgeon from your initial visit, that he or she has listened to your concerns, given you full explanations of the procedures, and given you a feeling that you will be taken good care of even after the op.
  • During the consultation, your surgeon should engage you to understand you and your expectations fully – this should include a review of your medical history, even though you are coming in for cosmetic procedure. Safety should be the first priority.
  • Find a surgeon who will not pressure you to commit to having a surgery done, but instead provides you with all the information you need in order to make a sound and informed decision.

A personal consultation with the surgeon who will actually perform the surgery is recommended, to learn more about your intended aesthetic op, whether you have settled on a procedure or you still want to explore your options. This is an opportunity to ask any questions you have about your procedure of interest and if you are not sure you can inform the doctor of the areas of your body you are concerned about. Any decision to do Plastic Surgery will be your own, and the Surgeon and Clinic team can give you a full plan about the pre- to post-op period.

Make the most out of your consultation:

  • 1. Do some research on your procedure of interest and put down all the questions that you would like to ask your surgeon during the consultation.
  • 2. We will allocate a full 45 min for your consultation to allow ample time with the Specialist nurse and Dr. Tilman Stasch (Plastic Surgeon), to give you all the necessary infos on your procedure and also allowing you time to ask all the questions you might have.
  • 3. Dr Google will make you find much information on the net which might not always be very accurate. Dr. Stasch will be happy to address any concerns you might have with regards to the procedure, the before- and aftercare and recovery.
  • 4. Have all the relevant information on your medical and surgical history, as well as all the medication and supplements you take ready written down to discuss with the team, because some conditions or medications may have an impact on the safety of your op – so it is key that you are honest and detailed about your medical history.
  • 5. If you find the time and you are sure you want to undergo Plastic Surgery, a full medical check up to ensure that you are in perfect health might be useful. We will guide you as to what will be needed.86. Dress in comfortable and easy to remove clothing since you might be required to change to a clinic gown to allow an examination by the doctor.
  • 7. You can come in 15 minutes before your appointment to fill in the paperwork so we can start your consultation on time.
  • 8. We will require you to pay KES 8,000 consultation fee upfront when scheduling your appointment, to allow us to reserve the allocated time for you alone, and to avoid waiting time.


You have made the decision to see us at Dr. Stasch Clinic. When you arrive at the clinic on time, you will check in with the friendly front desk staff who will provide you with a registration form to fill in the waiting area. If you would like to wait in the more private VIP waiting area, do tell us beforehand.

You will then be introduced to the Specialist nurse who will take down your medical history, getting to know you before discussing your procedure of interest and giving you initial information. You will then see Dr. Stasch who will spend the rest of the time with you, discussing your options and answering your questions.

We welcome you to share pictures of your expectations and Dr. Stasch will advise whether they are realistic, and if we can achieve an outcome that will make you happy. Showing you before and after pictures of previous Plastic Surgery patients from our clinic form part of every good consultation.

You will then receive a detailed information pack, to help you understand in writing, what the procedure(s) will entail, and other relevant info for your surgery.

Our Clinic Coordinator then assists you further to schedule the surgery, discuss the financial aspects, coordinate any required lab or radiology tests, and advise on any further follow-up appointments you might wish to have. We want your journey to be as smooth as it can be and will be on your side all the way until you have fully recovered.


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