Mommy Makeover in Kenya

The “Mommy Makeover” is a description of a combination of specialized body contouring procedures, which women might want to undergo after they have given birth to one, two, or many more babies.

Many times, I hear my patients say “Now its time for ME – please make me look great again.” You have given half of your life to bear the babies, raise the children, and support the with their school fees. You feel you have earned it to treat yourself properly now! And why not? You look into the mirror, but its not the attractive body of a 25 year old anymore. Yet you feel great and you want to look great! And you deserve it!

Mommy makeover surgery, once popular with the movie stars (“How did she get a body LIKE THIS so quickly?”), is nowadays one of the most popular surgeries in Kenya. Our mommy makeover package is specifically designed to adress issues faced by women who have been through pregancy and breastfeeding.

It is so popular, because the mommy makeover has no set components; each procedure is custom-tailored to fit the individual woman´s unique needs. The surgical approach usually starts with a breast enlargement, breast lift or breast reduction and tummy tuck surgeries, then adding other contouring techniques as needed.

Mommy Makeover Surgery Procedures

The most obvious areas that are included in a mummy makeover are the breast and tummy. Because your skin might not be as stretchy anymore, it will not simpky go back to its original position – stretch marks and extra skin might prevent this. You might have also gained weight which is difficult to shift after pregnancy, and your boobs are starting to droop. Other areas like your arms, thighs, genial area might also be affected.

The mummy makeover that will be specifically tailored to your needs might include:

  • Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty: to snatch your waistline and straighten your stomach, remove scars and stretch marks.
  • Breast Lift: to make drooping, deflated breasts youthful and perky.
  • Breast Implants Augmentation: restores breast volume, brings your breasts back to shape and size.
  • Breast Reduction: reduces and lifts very enlarged and droopy breasts.
  • Liposuction: sculpting the body by removing unwanted fat deposits.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift (Kenyan Butt Lift): shapes and enhances your hips and butt.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation: this includes reducing your small labia, tighening the vagina, and improving look and feel.
  • Arm Lift: tightens saggy skin on the upper arms, usually combined with lipo.
  • Thigh Lift: contouring the inner, anterior and outer thigh.

Depending on your individual needs, body shape and general medical condition, Dr Stasch will discuss with you the recommended set of procedures. Someties, a mommy makeover can be performed as one single operation, but in many cases, some procedures may be spread out over multiple surgical sessions for safety reasons.

Are you ready for a serious boost in self-confidence? Your Kenyan mommy makeover will be life-changing, restoring confidence and pride in your appearance.

Mommy Makeover Cost in Kenya

Costs depends on which procedures will be done, because it usually involves a number of different ops.

Usually, the total mommy makeover cost in Kenya including doctors fees, hospital, equipment and pressure garments.

So it is worth planning early and save up some money, since insurances usually don’t cover this procedure, unless you have medical reasons which qualify you for surgery.

Mummy Makeover FAQ

Mommy makeover usually means combining ops like tummy tuck and breast lift, or other ops. The most important factor to consider here is SAFETY. So as long as the op is safe for the patient, many different areas of the body can be snatched. Safety can mean not operating for more than 4 hours, not removing more than 5L fat during liposuction, or if there are any medical conditions which can lead to complications. We always weigh the options and with our vast experience, we keep the odds in our favour, by sometimes recommending 2 operations rather than one, usually 3 months apart. Remember, the aim of the cosmetic surgery is to look good not at all costs, but safely, so you can recover quickly to enjoy your loved ones.

Excellent scarring is what being a good Plastic surgeon is all about! So no matter wether we combing tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction arms and waistline, apart from safety, good scars are the highest priority. With good scars we mean fine, flat, barely visible or well hidden lines. Although the scars colour differs depending on your skin colour, over time most scars will fade.

The length of an operation for mummy makeover depends on how many procedures are combined – breast, tummy, arms, legs, buttocks etc. We usually make sure the op is safe, so any op length between 3 and 4 hours is envisaged. We have done safe operations in fit patients that lasted around 5 hours, but that is not common. Any duration longer than that is definitely not recommended.

We are working on joining forces with a credit company in Kenya, but as of yet, you will need to save up the money before any cosmetic surgery. Having said that, we DO offer payment plans if you choose to pay UPFRONT, I.e. many of our patients pay us a monthly sum that they want to save for their upcoming surgery, to avoid spending it “by accident” on other fun things.

Keeping healthy means you will want to change your lifestyle of exercise and nutrition a bit, to maintain the amazing results after a mommy makeover – its worth is and your body will thank you in the long term.

After a night in the hospital, you will recover at homer, and visit our Clinic on14 Riverside regularly for dressing changes. It usually takes 2 weeks to recover well from a tummy tuck, which is often part of the mummy makeover package. Sometimes, if more procedures are combined, it can take another week to be fully active, but it really depends on the patients and how motivated they are to get back into normal activities. Six weeks is when we recommend resuming gym, exercise, and all other activities.

Yes we do. We have many clients visiting us for Mommy Makeover from Rwanda, Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan, Ghana, Congo and even UK and other countries from around the world.

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Akinyi Rosem
Akinyi Rosem
2 July 2024
Best surgeon in Africa.
James Savage
James Savage
27 June 2024
Absolutely amazing service.
nassim majidi
nassim majidi
20 June 2024
Thank you for all the follow-up and responsiveness. The team was available after the treatment to make sure we got the results we wanted. A big thank you to Dr. Stasch and his team!
Osca Patric Ojal
Osca Patric Ojal
30 April 2024
An Incredible clinic offering unmatched cosmetic and dermatology services.
Solsar Investments
Solsar Investments
29 April 2024
Super Dr Stasch and fabulous Working Staffs
Abdullahi Ogello
Abdullahi Ogello
23 April 2024
Excellent work done by experienced receptionist Pendo and Sakina.
Steve Kamau
Steve Kamau
11 April 2024
I wholeheartedly endorse Dr Stasch. His expertise, along with the dedication of every clinic staff member—from the welcoming receptionists and skilled nurses to the physiotherapist I interacted with—earns my deepest gratitude. Their professionalism, warmth, exceptional bedside manner, and sense of humor made a significant difference. Each one of you stands out in the medical aesthetics field in Kenya. After exploring several options, i'm happy to have chosen your services as the best decision. This memorable experience with Dr. Tilman and the wonderful team of ladies will always hold a special place in my heart.
Foda Michael
Foda Michael
27 March 2024
It was relaxing and rewarding. My face feels so much better after the hydrafacial.
Idil Jama
Idil Jama
27 March 2024
I really love this clinic! Dr.Stasch is such an amazing doctor and is very skilled at what he does. He also takes his time to listen to your concerns and gives you his honest feedback which turned out great! I highly recommend him. 10/10.
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