Liposuction in Kenya

If you’re striving to shed those last stubborn kilos and achieve the body shape you desire, Liposuction in Kenya may be the solution you’ve been seeking. While it’s essential to recognize that liposculpture isn’t a cure-all, it can effectively address persistent pockets of fat that have proven resistant to traditional weight loss methods. By targeting specific areas, this procedure can refine and enhance your body contours, helping you achieve the silhouette you envision.

What is Liposuction?

So what is Liposuction? It is a surgical technique designed to eliminate localized pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. It’s important to understand that liposuction isn’t intended as a substitute for weight loss efforts. Instead, it targets specific areas to sculpt and refine body contours. Liposuction procedures can be performed independently or in conjunction with other surgical interventions like breast reduction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or fat grafting, where the suctioned fat is utilized to enhance areas like the breasts or buttocks.

Using Water-Assisted Liposuction with the BodyJet®


  • Sedation + Local Anaesthesia or General Anaesthetic.
  • Operating time depends on area (usually 1-3 hours).
  • Day case or hospital stay 1 night.
  • Back to work in a few days.
  • Compression garment for 6 weeks.
  • Full exercise after 4 weeks.

Areas treated by Liposuction Surgery

  • Tummy and Flanks (Love Handles).
  • Sattlebags - Liposuction of the thighs.
  • Buttocks and Hips.
  • Inner Knee and Lower Leg areas.
  • Upper Arms.
  • Neck or Chin (Double Chin).
  • Breast area tissue.
  • Axilla and Anterior Arm Pits.
  • Man Boobs.
  • Pubis area.
  • Liposculpture of other body areas.
Commonly Treated Areas By Liposuction surgery

Am I A Good Candidate For Liposuction?

Liposuction is equally effective in both men and women. Any one or combination of the following conditions may indicate that you are a good candidate for liposuction surgery:

  • Areas of fat deposits that are out of proportion with the rest of your body and do not go away with diet and exercise – so called “diet resistant fat”.
  • Areas with minimal amounts of excess skin (Liposuction removes fat not skin) and good skin elasticity.

Liposuction Surgery Procedure

Liposuction is carried out using a thin (3 – 4 mm wide), hollow tube called a cannula that is inserted under the skin through tiny incisions. The cannula is then used to loosen the fat and create a nicer shape within the body part being treated. A special vacuum or suction device is attached to the cannula, and the fat is getting sucked from the body after being loosened using the accurately directed water spray from the tip of the cannula (Body Jet® water assisted liposuction).

Watch A Video About Body Jet® Liposuction

There are various liposuction techniques available, the best being the one your surgeon is most familiar with. Each liposuction procedure will be tailored to a patient’s needs and physical condition. Using the Water assisted liposuction technique (BodyJet®), fluid is infiltrated into the area to be suctioned. This fluid will contain local anaesthetic to numb the area and adrenaline to shrink the blood vessels. It will thereby help to reduce bruising and swelling after your surgery.

Water assisted liposuction employs pulsating jets of water to dislodge and remove the fat cells. One advantage of this procedure is that the harvested fat cells are removed intact, allowing for reinjection into other areas of the body where more fat is needed (Fat grafting). It is the most gentle method currently in the market and Dr. Stasch is proud to be able to offer this cutting edge technology at our Clinic in Nairobi.

Recovery & Aftercare

  • You will be admitted on the day of surgery, and your length of stay depends on which procedure is done. Sometimes, you will be able to go home on the same day, but an overnight stay may be recommended if a large amount of fat is to be removed.
  • Usually the procedure is performed under sedation with local anaesthetic or under general anesthetic, which means you sleep the whole time of the procedure.
  • The procedure takes between 1 - 3 hours to perform, depending on the size and number of treatment areas.
  • At the end of the operation, bandages or elasticated clothing (compression garments) will be applied to the area to minimize swelling and help the body conform to its new shape. With the exception of showering, this garment should be worn both day and night for at least two weeks and thereafter for another four to six weeks. The tighter the garment and the more regularly they are worn the better your results and shape afterwards.
  • Post-operative pain after liposuction is usually controlled with oral pain medication.
  • You will be mobile from day one and should be back to full exercise within 4-6 weeks. There will be no stitches at all. Most people have a few days off work following liposuction, depending on the type of work they do.

We will keep a close eye on you after your surgery and would normally see you for your follow-up appointments at regular dressing clinics every 2-3 days, 3 weeks and then 6 weeks following surgery, at which point your post-operative photographs will be taken.

Liposuction Results

Liposuction surgery usually improves the contour of your body greatly. Results are visible immediately but you will find some irregularities, firm areas and softer areas for a few weeks. As healing progresses these areas will smoothen out and soften. Dr. Stasch will recommend lymphdrainage to improve post op swelling and since the healing process is gradual, you should expect to wait at least several months to get an accurate picture of the results of your surgery. The small incisions used for access of the liposuction cannula, will heal after a few days and the small scar will fade over a number of months usually becoming barely visible.

Liposuction Before and After

How Long Will The Results Last?

The results of liposuction surgery are usually long-lasting, but they may be affected by weight gain, aging, pregnancy and lifestyle factors. We are born with a certain amount of fat cells in each region: when you put weight on, these fat cells swell – you do not increase the number of fat cells when you put on weight. By removing a number of these fat cells using liposuction, you are likely to have a permanent reduction in an area. It is important to remember that, if you do put on weight again, the remaining fat cells can once again swell. It is therefore best to maintain a steady and healthy weight after liposuction in order to prevent the areas of excess fat recurring.

Potential Liposuction Side Effects

Whilst these operations are generally safe in the hands of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and regarded to be highly successful, there are, as with any operation, risks involved and the possibility of complications that patients need to consider.

Fortunately, significant complications from liposuction surgery are infrequent. Some of the potential complications that may be occur include haematoma (an accumulation of blood under the skin that may or may not require removal), infection, changes in sensation, scarring, allergic reactions, damage to underlying structures, need for revisions, need for blood transfusion, unsatisfactory results possibly necessitating additional procedures. Other risks more specific to liposuction may include indentations and irregularities. Swelling & bruising is common and will usually resolve after the cause of a few weeks.

Smokers are strongly advised to discontinue smoking several weeks prior to surgery and after the operation, as smoking increases the risks of complications and delays wound healing by altering blood circulation in the skin. You can reduce your risks of complications by closely following our instructions before and after the surgery.

Liposuction Cost In Kenya

The cost of liposuction surgery depends on your circumstances and the technique we will perform.

Usually, our Liposuction cost in Kenya starts from KES 480,000.

For more information on liposuction costs, we invite you to book a consultation with Dr. Stasch. During this confidential appointment, we can discover more about what you would like to achieve and find out if liposuction surgery is right for you.

Liposuction FAQ

In the right hands and with an experienced surgeon, Liposuction is very safe. We have conducted over 5,000 Liposuction procedures without any serious complications. We even make sure you are in perfect condition for Lipo by doing an ultrasound of your tummy to ascertain there are no hernias or unexpected conditions of your tummy. We only do Lipo procedures in high class operating theatres and close follow up after the op is always done by experienced doctors and nurses. Safety is our highest concern, next to good pain control and excellent results.

Yes Liposuction can be done under local anesthesia and sedation (partially awake), if you prefer this over a general anesthetic (fully asleep). In our experience, GA is more comfortable but the choice is yours and we can have a detailed conversation about this.

Pain is part of Liposuction – its like bruising pains and sore muscular aches.

Our prescription of pain meds really make you more comfortable – if you should still experience pain, we can increase the dosages. Thats why we keep in constant communication so that ideally you will be fine throughout your recovery. In some cases, mild aches and pains are experienced even after a few weeks – that is not a cause of concern, because it simply means that your body is healing internally, scars are being broken down and nerve fibres growing back into their normal positions.

We pride ourselves of not having to use drains in liposuction. The water-jet assisted method is a superior technique that allows Dr Stasch to gently remove all fat and also fluid DURING the op. Drains are never used.

We only limit the amount of time spent in the operating theatre, as well as the total amount of fat removed in one session. This keeps the op as safe as possible. This means we can combine many areas e.g. tummy, flanks, back (360° Lipo) with arms, thighs, hips, upper back, legs etc. if time allows (ideally less than 3-4 hours) and the total amount of fat is not more than 4-6 litres depending on your body weight.

Liposuction is usually permanent – the new shape and proportions of your body will stay with you. Even if you gain weight, you will gain in all areas of your body – proportionately less in the areas that were suctioned.

We know that fat cells cannot really grow back or regenerate after having been removed. What can happen thou is that the remaining fat cells expand in size, so the areas of your body will grow again if your don’t watch your diet. We never see the old shape coming back – you will have your proportions maintained, and if your lose that weight again, the original results can be achieved.

Sometimes there can be skin excess after Lipo, especially after weight loss, having had kids, or advance age. In these cases, our Doc usually advises a tummy tuck in the first place. If there are small areas of lose skin after your lipo, we usually recommend FUSIOMED therapy (radiofrequency and microneedling) over the following 3 months to tighten the skin.

In most cases, the skin is amazingly elastic and there is no sagging of skin after lipo at all. It may take a few weeks to get the final results, so patience is also an important part of liposuction recovery.

VASER liposuction uses laser and heat to melt the fat tissue. This is effective BUT can lead to burns on the skin and bad inner scarring. Also, fat harvested with VASER Lipo cannot be used for fatgrafting, since all fat cells are destroyed. Our method of Bodyjet WAL is safe, gentle and effective to carefully sculpt your body to perfection.

From standard tumescence Liposuction to Ultrasonic (VASER), or Laser assisted, Vibration assisted, Power assisted liposuction (PAL/MicroAire), we have arrived at the Water-assisted Liposuction (Bodyjet) which is the gold standard for Liposuction techniques. HOWEVER, it is even more important to have an experienced surgeon who is an expert using the method of his choice, to get a perfect result.

NO! All our patients can expect some blood-stained fluid on the dressings for about 24-48 hours, after which there is NO MORE leakage of fluid at all.

There are many YouTube video out there of manually draining fluid for days out of the wounds – this is really puzzling to us and absolutely not how Liposuction should end up.

We offer Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) with our internationally qualified MLD therapist who will treat you at the Clinic. We recommend 2 -3 sessions a week for 3 weeks, in order to help your body reduce swelling by stimulating lymphatic clearance. We usually start a week after the op, when bruising is down and its more comfortable. Lymph massage also softens your soft tissues quicker post lipo. Manual lymphatic drainage is NOT used to squirt serums or haematomas out of wounds (this doesn’t happen with us) – it is a gentle massaging of the skin and superficial soft tissues, to stimulate the tiny lymph vessels who’s job in the body is to take swelling and extra fluid away from the operated areas and have that excreted through your kidneys. Thats why you will pee a lot after each LD session. Having a regular lymphatic massage reduces recovery time, post-op swelling and fibrosis, and improves results.

For the ideal snatched waist and perfect results after lipo we always provide you with two fitted post-op compression garments and abdominal boards, which you will wear for 6 weeks. Waist trainers (Faja) are great to wear after about 2-4 weeks post-op to provide even more support and compression – we work with suppliers who can do a fitting for you. It is important to make sure it fits well so doesn’t give you indentations or irregular areas. It should fit snugly and not cause discomfort.

Yes we do. We have many clients visiting us for Liposuction from Rwanda, Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan, Congo, Ghana and other countries from around the world.

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It was relaxing and rewarding. My face feels so much better after the hydrafacial.
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