Injectable Dermal Fillers in Kenya

The health and appearance of our skin is affected by a number of lifestyle, environmental and biological factors including sun damage, the weather, pollution, hormonal fluctuations and smoking. Therefore our skin is under constant attack, and it is of little wonder that it begins to lose its elasticity and hence takes on a more loose, less taut appearance. Dermal Fillers in Kenya, also known as Facial Fillers or Profhilo are made from Hyaluronic acid, which is in fact a naturally occurring component of the skin. It has the remarkable ability to absorb more that 10 times its weight in water! This amazing effect increases skin volume and creating a naturally lifted appearance.

Dermal Fillers are also used to plump up the skin and give it a fuller, smoother appearance by delicately filling out permanent grooves and lines in the face. It is so popular, often used together with Botox, that we have many returning clients who love the results and the positive effects it has on their lives.

Areas Commonly Improved By Dermal Filler Treatment

  • Smile lines around the mouth.
  • Fillers under eyes (deep tear troughs).
  • Dark circles under eyes.
  • Cheek fillers (popular with a liquid facelift).
  • Nasolabial folds (grooves between the corner of your nose and mouth).
  • Marionette lines (grooves between mouth and chin / Merkel lines).
  • Lipstick lines or smokers lines (upper and lower lip areas).
  • Nasal hump correction, making it smaller, broader of more symmetrical (liquid rhinoplasty).
  • Volume enhancement and contouring of the lips.
  • More permanent wrinkle correction.
  • Frown lines between your eyebrows.
  • Deep forehead lines.
  • Filling your temples and dips on your forehead.
  • Acne pits and scaring

These treatments usually last for up to a year or even longer. Depending on the type and age of the skin the Hyaluronic acid will begin to naturally dissolve at this time. If the procedure is not repeated, the skin will gradually return to its pre-treatment condition. After the Dermal Filler treatment, you will see the results immediately.

Read more about the Dermal Fillers we use at Dr. Stasch Clinic through these links:

COST Of Dermal Fillers In KENYA

Cost of treatment with Dermal Fillers at our Clinic in Nairobi depends on the areas treated and amounts used:

1ml Hyaluronic Acid – from KES 45,000.
2ml Hyaluronic Acid – from KES 90,000.
2ml PROFHILO – from KES 65,000.
1ml SCULPTRA – from KES 80,000.

Injectable Dermal Fillers FAQ

We only perform Dermal facial fillers after a thorough consultation with our Specialist Doctor, Dr Stasch, who will discuss with you the desired outcomes and answer any questions you might have.

The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes using a very fine needle. Prior to this, sometimes a numbing cream can be used to numb the area and in rare cases a local anaesthetic is administered – please request this if you feel you need it. Our fillers also include an anesthetic – so usually a few minutes into the treatment, you will feel your skin going a bit numb.

Results are instant. Any side effects are likely to include minimal redness and swelling as well as possible bruising at the injection site. Allergies to the materials are nowadays extremely rare. Our fillers are suitable for vegans.

The dermal filler injectable products we use at Dr. Stasch Clinic & Medispa include:

  • Restylane (Kysse, Fynesse, Defyne, Volyme, Refyne).
  • Restylane Skin Booster.
  • Juvederm (Juvederm Ultra 3 and 4, Voluma, Volift, Volbella, Smile).
  • PROFHILO (Profhilo BAP technique).
  • SCULPTRA (injectable ply-L-lactic acid, biostimulator for collagen production within your skin) and other high quality, FDA and EU approved products..
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What Dr. Stasch's Clients Say

Akinyi Rosem
Akinyi Rosem
2 July 2024
Best surgeon in Africa.
James Savage
James Savage
27 June 2024
Absolutely amazing service.
nassim majidi
nassim majidi
20 June 2024
Thank you for all the follow-up and responsiveness. The team was available after the treatment to make sure we got the results we wanted. A big thank you to Dr. Stasch and his team!
Osca Patric Ojal
Osca Patric Ojal
30 April 2024
An Incredible clinic offering unmatched cosmetic and dermatology services.
Solsar Investments
Solsar Investments
29 April 2024
Super Dr Stasch and fabulous Working Staffs
Abdullahi Ogello
Abdullahi Ogello
23 April 2024
Excellent work done by experienced receptionist Pendo and Sakina.
Steve Kamau
Steve Kamau
11 April 2024
I wholeheartedly endorse Dr Stasch. His expertise, along with the dedication of every clinic staff member—from the welcoming receptionists and skilled nurses to the physiotherapist I interacted with—earns my deepest gratitude. Their professionalism, warmth, exceptional bedside manner, and sense of humor made a significant difference. Each one of you stands out in the medical aesthetics field in Kenya. After exploring several options, i'm happy to have chosen your services as the best decision. This memorable experience with Dr. Tilman and the wonderful team of ladies will always hold a special place in my heart.
Foda Michael
Foda Michael
27 March 2024
It was relaxing and rewarding. My face feels so much better after the hydrafacial.
Idil Jama
Idil Jama
27 March 2024
I really love this clinic! Dr.Stasch is such an amazing doctor and is very skilled at what he does. He also takes his time to listen to your concerns and gives you his honest feedback which turned out great! I highly recommend him. 10/10.
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