Ultrasound Guided Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) In Kenya

Brazilian Butt Lift in Kenya is a procedure that can lift, shape and enhance your buttocks and hips for attractive, well-proportioned and feminine curves you’ll love to show off!

What Is Brazilian Butt Lift (Aka Kenyan Butt Lift)?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) or as Dr. Tilman Stasch calls it “Kenyan Butt Lift (KBL)” is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures at Dr. Stasch Clinic in Nairobi.

This procedure consists of 360° Liposuction, where excessive fat is removed from hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs, followed by fat transfer to the buttocks creating a more defined and enhanced shape, without the use of implants.

A skilled plastic surgeon will improve the proportions of the entire lower body with Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, helping a patient lose fat in common problem areas while enhancing the buttocks, with results lasting many years. Dr. Stasch Clinic has been the home of advanced BBL surgery in Kenya for the last eight years and Dr. Stasch is continuously improving his techniques to ensure all procedures follow the strict guidelines for safety.

What Is Traditional Procedure For Brazilian Butt Lift?

The most common concerns with regards to the BBL procedure relate to the technique of the injection of fat into the buttocks.

While performing traditional BBL surgery, surgeons inject the fat into the gluteal region blindly, without being able to clearly see the area where fat is injected. Using this traditional technique surgeon might go too deep into the patient’s muscle, disrupting large blood vessels and potentially leading to significant risks of pulmonary fat embolism and infections.

“Pulmonary Fat Embolism is the condition where globules of fat have entered the bloodstream from large veins within the gluteus muscle of the buttock. This fat could potentially travel to the heart or lungs and can lead to serious complications.” While there are risks to every surgical procedure, the use of Ultrasound technology makes the BBL safer and decreases the chances for potential complications.

Where Is The Fat Supposed To Be Injected During A BBL?

Fat is supposed to be injected in the subcutaneous fat layer between the skin and muscle during BBL surgery. Plastic surgeon will make a small inconspicuous incisions where fat is to be extracted. Then he will use an instrument called a cannula to remove excess fat from previously chosen parts of the body under sterile conditions. At the time of fat transfer, the ultrasound probe is used to create an image of the region on a screen so the fat can be transferred safely through a cannula into the subcutaneous fat layer, also called the safe space.

What Are The Benefits Of An Ultrasound Guided BBL?

The most important benefit of an Ultrasound Guided BBL is Safety.

The use of real-time Ultrasound scanning allows to accurately visualize exact areas of where the fat is injected, hence a safer way to perform the BBL procedure.

Some consider the BBL to be a dangerous cosmetic surgical procedure, but with Ultrasound technology and top-level safety measures at Dr. Stasch Clinic, the BBL doesn’t have to be unsafe.

Another benefit to using ultrasound technology is that it helps transfer the fat into optimum areas improving patient desired results. At Dr. Stasch Clinic in Nairobi, Dr. Tilman Stasch uses an Ultrasound Guided fat injection as a standard during all Brazilian Butt Lift procedures, allowing him to inject fat precisely into safe areas as intended.

What Kind Of Training Is Required To Perform An Ultrasound Guided BBL?

The risks of undergoing a cut-price surgical procedure carried out by an inexperienced surgeon are so significant that many women have been left with permanent life-changing injuries.

It is important to choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to perform your Ultrasound Guided BBL surgery who has proven results, a stellar safety record and experience using the latest ultrasound technology. For surgeons to safely perform Ultrasound Guided BBLs, they should take a course on how to use the ultrasound technology effectively. After completion of the course, a surgeon will have the information needed to maintain the equipment up to safety standards and use it correctly during surgery. It typically takes an experienced surgeon 20-30 safely completed BBL cases to become comfortable using the new ultrasound technology and only after 50 successful procedures, a surgeon will be considered an expert.

Choosing A Safe Brazilian Butt Lift Plastic Surgeon In Kenya

A Brazilian Butt Lift in Kenya is a complex procedure that should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon with specialized training and experience in safe fat transfer techniques.

If you’d like to learn more about the ultrasound-guided BBL technique, whether you are a good candidate for BBL in Kenya or what to expect, book a consultation with Dr. Tilman Stasch today!

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