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Dr. Tilman Stasch MBChB, MRCS (Ed.), MD, F EBOPRAS is an internationally Board qualified Aesthetic, Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon in Kenya with over 15 years of international training and experience in this field. He grew up in Stuttgart, Germany and Windhoek, Namibia.

He is a passionate plastic surgeon paying the utmost attention to detail and a natural outcome. Being sensitive to his patient’s needs and desires, he will help you attain your ideal look with state-of-the-art plastic surgery techniques, creating balance and restoring your features to make you feel great about yourself.

As an ISAPS certified surgeon Dr Stasch has been through a rigorous evaluation process to become a member of this elite group of aesthetic surgeons.

Read more why it is so important to choose an ISAPS Surgeon for your Plastic Surgery operation: https://www.isaps.org/find-a-surgeon/choose-member/

Dr. Tilman Stasch is a passionate plastic surgeon who believes in taking the time to build a relationship, understand your goals, and listen to your needs. He will pay the utmost attention to detail and a natural outcome.

Trusted by doctors and patients alike, he receives referrals from other doctors in Kenya as well as abroad, from as far as South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, Europe and the entire Eastern African Region.

A Fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (EBOPRAS), and Member of the German Association of Plastic Surgeons (DGPRAEC), Dr Stasch is a fully qualified and highly experienced surgeon performing a broad range of procedures that meet the needs and goals of a diverse range of patients.

Dr. Stasch is registered with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council KMPDC under the Specialist License Registration number C0000346 .

Dr Stasch completed his medical degree in South Africa at the University of Cape Town Medical School (MBChB) in 2001 and qualified in 2005 as a surgeon at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (MRCS Ed.), further specializing as a Plastic Surgeon and Hand Surgeon in the UK and Germany (Specialist Certificate, Facharzt).
He furthermore holds a Specialist Certificate in Medical Laser treatments.
His academic research engagement earned him the highest honours for his MD thesis (summa cum laude) at the University of Witten / Cologne, Germany, as well as several national and international academic accolades and prizes.
Dr Stasch successfully passed the exams to become a Fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (EBOPRAS) and is actively involved in clinical research, academic teaching and regularly conducts expert presentations and workshops to international faculties.
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Dr Stasch has been working as a Specialist Aesthetic, Reconstructive, Plastic and Hand Surgeon in Nairobi, Kenya, since 2011 with a special interest in skin cancers, facial and advanced skin rejuvenation, aesthetic body contouring (liposculpting, tummy tuck, mummy makeovers and Kenyan/Brazilian butt lift), breast surgery and cosmetic medicine. As a German Plastic Surgeon, his attention to detail and exemplary ethical standards make him a world-class specialist in his field.
He has successfully and safely performed several thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and operations in Nairobi, which are thoroughly documented.
Dr Stasch regularly gets invited as faculty to present his aesthetic clinical and research work on stem cell therapy, fatgrafting and aesthetic surgery as keynote speaker at National and International meetings as far as Miami, Singapore, Berlin, Marbella, Oslo and Nairobi.
He conducts workshops on the clinical application and academic advances on the Brazilian Butt lift, Liposuction and body contouring as well as fatgrafting, including the revolutionary DEALT® Method (link to page), which he developed and first described in the medical literature(link to pubmed or PRS). He served as external examiner at the University of Nairobi and has published several academic papers and book chapters on Plastic Surgery.
His spectrum at The Vitality Fountain Clinic in Nairobi encompasses all fields of:

  • Cosmetic Medicine (Botox, Fillers, PRP etc)
  • Advanced Skin Health / Dermatology
  • Plastic Surgery Woman
  • Plastic Surgery Man
  • Hand Surgery
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Wound Care

At Dr Stasch´s Clinic, experience, quality, safety, integrity and service form our core values.


Dr Stasch has over 15 years of international experience at world class facilities in Cape Town, London, Edinburgh, Norwich, Cologne, Aachen (Germany) and Nairobi as a junior doctor, senior doctor and specialist consultant supervising other doctors in their training.


Attention to the most subtle details to achieve safe results and good outcomes, using high quality surgical and aesthetic products (which are sometimes more expensive but worth it in the long run) makes him stand out as a German Plastic Surgeon.


Each patient’s health and well-being are the most important aspects of care at Dr Stasch´s Clinic – undergoing cosmetic treatments is a choice (elective) and should be done only when all parameters are 100% aligned. We are happy to advise against certain therapies and treatments if they are deemed to be non beneficial to you, our valued patient.


We strive to do as we say, discussing all options with each and every patient and following through with the plan. Should the outcome be not as perfect as anticipated – Dr Stasch will always focus on getting the desired results and find solutions to achieve an optimal outcome.


As a team at The Vitality Fountain Clinic, we pride ourselves in providing a highly professional and discreet service to ensure you have a positive experience and feel supported throughout the entire process. By listening thoroughly to your concerns and providing informative patient consultations, our medical practitioners and plastic surgeon are well equipped to make your personal aesthetic wishes a reality.

Dr Tilman Stasch has contributed to the global scientific literature through several published papers and book chapters. This deep involvement in research and innovation allows him to stay ahead of the game and in touch with the latest developments, allowing him to focus on patient safety and chosing surgical techniques that are honed according to latest knowledge.

Elective, Non-urgent Procedures and Aesthetic Surgery in the Wake of SARS-COVIT-19: Considerations Regarding Safety, Feasibility and Impact on Clinical Management
K Kaye, F Paprottka, R Escudero, G Casabona, J Montes, R Fakin, L Moke, T Stasch, D Richter, J Benito-Ruiz
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Comparison of rheological properties of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and their effects on clinical indications and results.  Dr. Altintas, Köln, Dr Stasch, Nairobi Submitted April 2020 (Int. Journal Derm.)

Should you want to read these publications by Dr Stasch, please click on the link below for PubMed, and key in “STASCH T” under the search option:

stasch pubmed

  1. Autologous Lipotransfer for Bone Defects Secondary to Osteomyelitis: A Novel Method and Systematic Review of the Literature
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  3. Surgical Anatomy of Reduction Mammaplasty: A Historical Perspective and Current Concepts
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Memberships, Certificates, Awards and Licences

Dr. Tilman Stasch is an active member of various international associations and societies like ISAPS (International), DGPRAEC (Germany) and EBOPRAS (Europe). Membership in these esteemed scientific societies is a token of quality of a Plastic Surgeon and only possible by being Board certified and having passed all relevant exams, vetting processes and peer reviews.

Dr. Tilman Stasch is vetted and certified by Kenya’s regulatory body, the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council / Medical Board (KMPDC Registration number C0000346 under the Specialist Register in Kenya). Dr Stasch has held valid work permits and medical licenses in Kenya since 2012 without fail. His KMPDC license has always been valid and active.

Dr. Stasch Clinic is a Level 2 Medical Clinic registered with the KMPDC under Registration number 015833.

This list shows all Certificates, Degrees, Board Licenses, and Diplomas for Dr Tilman Stasch

International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) – Member 9599

Deutsche Gesellschaft der Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurugen (DPRAEC) – Member 1448  

European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für ästhetische Botulinum- und Fillertherapie (DGBT)

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSED)

General Medical Council (GMC)

euress logo

Founding Member – European Regenerative Surgery Society

Winnie Garang
Winnie Garang
19 December 2023
The customer service is wonderful and everyone is very nice and Kind. Doctor Tilman is very knowledgeable and a wonderful surgeon.I feel lighter, happier and very grateful to him and the team. My experience from the word go has been amazing.
Ekeno Ntabo
Ekeno Ntabo
13 December 2023
Dr. Stasch has changed my life. I am happier, more confident and grateful that cosmetic services are locally available. He was very professional, and i especially apreciate the care i got during my procedure, both before and after. Highly recommended.
chrissie W
chrissie W
13 December 2023
I could not be more happy with my results. Dr. Stasch is a genuinely kind person and his staff is helpful .
sharon odera
sharon odera
30 November 2023
My appreciation to Dr Stasch from my consultant period to successful leg grafting surgeries. I would highly recommend him and his team for their impeccable services. I would definitely do this again if I need to.
solanna camille
solanna camille
6 November 2023
I had a liposuction and tummy tuck. Dr. Stasch is super friendly, very professional.The surgery went well, recovery as well. The staffs are super nice very professional, always willing to help. I would highly recommend vitality clinic to anyone
Adhiambo Okumu
Adhiambo Okumu
17 October 2023
My breast reduction is a dream come true and no longer a manifestation. And I could not think of a better doctor for the procedure than Dr. Tilman having consulted 8 years earlier and to now finally go through with it. I felt cared for and supported before, during and post op by Dr. Stasch and the team I interacted with at Vitality. I am super pleased with the results and my new breast size is beyond my expectations: no more back pains, my posture is improved, dresses fit better and most importantly the unexplainable joy. Truly life changing. Asante Dr. Tilman.
M. S. S.
M. S. S.
21 September 2023
I went to Dr. Stasch`s marvellous Vitality Fountain clinic today. I went there for recurrent mole mapping, Microneedling treatment and a also vitamin drip i. V. Feeling like new. This is how Spa and health procedures should be done. Definitely warm recommendation and will for sure come again!
Munish Mehta
Munish Mehta
18 September 2023
I came with no hope as my wound was really bad. Some docs told me it would not be possible to stitch. Dr Tilman took me in and over a few weeks worked on my wound and stitched it !! Now I’m pain free and the wound has healed !! Thankyou Dr Tilman and your team
Nadia Chaudhry
Nadia Chaudhry
11 September 2023
Good service and very friendly staff. Highly recommended for I magic drips
AHK Transport
AHK Transport
7 September 2023
Hat's Off to the treatment and care I was given at vitality fountain clinic. They gave me a new life and healed my wounded toe, which I almost lost. God bless them all a million fold over ..
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