Weight-Loss Surgery Done In Nairobi

Belly Liposuction, Scar Revision, Weight-Loss Surgery Done In Nairobi

Kenyan men are increasingly going under the knife to improve their looks. What procedures are available in the country and do good looks mean less hustle? “I have had a tummy tuck, a pubic area lift (anterior), a belt lipectomy (excising excess lower back skin), a buttock lift (posterior), reduction of mamilla areola complex (the nipple area), and a brachioplasty (arm contouring) by Dr Stasch in Nairobi,” says Aly Meghji, a physiotherapist.

He is proud of the procedures and he isn’t averse to going under the knife again. “Plastic surgery was (and is) a path to my self-fulfillment and success,” he says. What led him down this path? Aly has has asthma for which he takes prescribed medical steroids. The result was an abnormal weight gain. At his heaviest, he weighed 194 kg. “I had heart problems, diabetes, back issues and mobility problems as a result of the weight.” In late 2013, a doctor informed him that he did not have long to live, based on his health. For his 21st birthday, his family gifted him a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in India. “I was so obese that the doctors had to rename my class of obesity. I was beyond morbidly obese. They termed it ‘super obese’,” he says. Two and a half years after the surgery in India, he had a new problem. Due to the excessive weight loss, he had a lot of saggy skin. In August 2016, he underwent a nine-hour surgery that involved all the other procedures.

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